Langkawi to Satun Ferry

The cheapest ferry services between Langkawi in Malaysia and mainland Thailand are operated by the Langkawi Ferry Services company. The journey between these two destinations with Langkawi Ferry Services is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes, sometimes a little longer if the weather is bad.

About the Langkawi to Satun Ferry

Langkawi Ferry Services operates 12 high speed ferries on a total of 5 routes between various destinations in Malaysia and Thailand.

Langkawi to Satun Ferry at Kuah Jetty
Langkawi to Satun Ferry at Kuah Jetty

All  Langkawi Ferry Services vessels have enclosed cabins which are air-conditioned. The ferries all have toilets but no outside areas where you can go during the voyage. There is also nowhere to buy food or drink on these ferries so remember to bring anything you need for the journey with you from the ferry terminal before the ferry departs.

Inside the Langkawi to Satun Ferry
Inside the Langkawi to Satun Ferry

All passengers on ferries between Langkawi and Satun have allocated seats. The seating is fairly cramped but alright for the fairly short time it takes to cross between Langkawi and Satun.

Langkawi to Satun Ferry at Tammalang Pier
Langkawi to Satun Ferry at Tammalang Pier

These ferries are not particularly punctual in their departure times, particularly from Langkawi. The hold up is passengers clearing immigration before they board the ferry. The immigration officials at Kuah Jetty in particular have a tendency of opening the immigration desks up late which means a delay in processing the passengers wanting to board the ferry. Allow 30 minutes extra on the journey time on these services to allow for any delays, particularly if you have onward connections.

Ferry Timetable: Koh Lipe to Langkawi

There two daily departures from Kuah Jetty in Langkawi to Tammalung Pier in Satun, Thailand.

09:3010:45Langkawi Ferry Services
17:1518:30Langkawi Ferry Services

There are two daily departures from Satun in Thailand to Langkawi in Malaysia.

10:0011:15Langkawi Ferry Services
16:3017:45Langkawi Ferry Services

Ferry Pier in Langkawi

Langkawi Ferry Services to Satun terminate depart from Kuah Jetty in Langkawi.

Google Map of Kuah Jetty

Satun Ferry Pier

Langkawi Ferry Services from Langkawi to arrive at Tammalang Pier in Satun Province.

Google Map of Tammalang Pier

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