Flight times from Phuket to Hubei

China Southern Airlines operates direct flights from Phuket to Wuhan in Hubei, China. Thai AirAsia operates indirect flights which cost more and take a lot longer because of the connection times in Bangkok.

Flight Schedule from Phuket to Hubei

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Phuket Airport

Flights from Phuket to Hubei depart from Phuket International Airport, Mai Khao, Thalang District, Phuket 83110.

Google Map of Phuket International Airport

Hubei Airport

Flights from Phuket to Hubei arrive in Hubei at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, Huangpi, Wuhan, Hubei, China.

Google Map of Wuhan Tianhe International Airport

About Wuhan

Wuhan is a massive thriving urban space created out of the amalgamation of three cities: Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang. The city centre population of Wuhan is over 10 million people making the largest city in Central China. Wuhan is an important cultural and economic centre in China.

Both the Yangtze and the Han rivers flow through the city which explains its long history (over 3,500 years) as a trading centre. Wuhan is also famous as one of the main places where the uprising against Imperial rule in China was organised. Modern day Wuhan is one of China’s most thriving cities with a string of large universities and some of China’s most cutting edge industries and research facilities.

Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan, Hubei Province
Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan, Hubei Province

There are lots of places of interest to visit in Wuhan. The main leisure are in the city is the East Lake Scenic Area which contains lot of walking trails, a botanical garden, a ‘Monkey Mountain’, a large villa which was used by Chairman Mao, forests, lakes and sculpture gardens.

The city’s most famous landmark, however, is the Yellow Crane Tower, which is a reconstructed version of pagoda first built sometime around 220 AD. The pagoda is located on a hill by the Yangtze River with excellent views. Also well worth visiting are Hubei Provincial Museum, the Guiyuan Temple, and the Longquanshan Scenic Area to name just a few of the city’s famous tourist attractions.

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