Ferry times from Koh Ngai to Koh Bulone

The only public transport from Koh Ngai to Koh Bulone (also known as Koh Bulon Leh) is by shared speed boat. The journey is scheduled to take 1 hour 25 minutes.

Ferry Timetable from Koh Ngai to Koh Bulone

Location of the Koh Ngai Ferry Pier

Joint speed boat services from Koh Ngai to Koh Bulone depart from the pier at Koh Ngai Resort.

Google Map of Koh Ngai Ferry Pier

Location of Koh Bulone Ferry Pier

Joint speed boat services from Koh Ngai to Koh Bulone terminate at Koh Bulone Ferry Pier in Mango Bay.

Google Map of Koh Bulone

About Travel to Koh Bulone

Koh Bulone is a tiny island, 2 km long by 1 km at its widest point, located to the south of the group of 4 popular islands in Trang Province (Koh Libong, Koh Muk, Koh Kradan and Koh Ngai) and to the north of the larger Koh Tarutao. Koh Bulone is one of the final stops on a North to South island hopping tour through the Andaman Sea on the Lower West Coast of Thailand.

Koh Bulone’s small size and relatively inaccessibility make it difficult to develop commercially and the island’s residents and business owners have chosen not to sell out to a large resort brand with the resources to make a success of developing a luxury resort on Koh Bulone. In fact, there are few resorts on Koh Bulone and only a small number of these offer more than very basic fan cooled bungalows.

White Sand Beach in Koh Bulone
White Sand Beach in Koh Bulone

Koh Bulone has very few facilities. There is no medical centre on the island and no ATM. Nor are there any cars or roads, although there are plently of taxi boats keen to ferry tourists from where their boat arrives to their resort. What Koh Bulone does have though is a great white sand beach (called White Sand Beach) on the South East coast of the island, coral reefs surrounding large parts of the South, East and North coasts of the Island and a small village in the centre of the island.

Like many of the islands on the Lower South West Coast of Thailand, the majority of the island’s permanent residents are people of the Chao Ley ethnic group who have given up a nomadic existence and settled in a permanent village. Fishing and farming remain the principle occupations of the Chao Ley people on Koh Bulone. However the main village features a cluster of restaurants run by Chao Ley people which serve excellent freshly caught seafood at value for money prices. If it was a bit easier to get to Koh Bulone these restaurants would be very busy indeed, however, they aren’t and eating out in local restaurants is one of the best reasons to come to this island.

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