Ferry times from Koh Laoliang to Koh Lanta

By speedboat the journey from Koh Laoliang to Koh Lanta is scheduled to take 2 hours.

Ferry Timetable from Koh Laoliang to Koh Lanta

Departure from Koh Laoliang

Speed boat services to Koh Lanta depart from Laoliang Beach on Koh Laoliang North.

Google Map of Laoliang North Island

Arrival in Koh Lanta

Speed boat services from Koh Laoliang arrive in Koh Lanta at Saladan Pier.

Google Map of Saladan Pier

Beaches on Koh Lanta

The beaches in Koh Lanta are all located on the west coast of Koh Lanta Yai, which is the largest of the islands that make up Koh Lanta. The beaches stretch nearly all the way along the west coast of the island, which is 30 km long. The beaches tend to get less crowded and less developed as you travel south along the west coast of Koh Lanta, away from the main town of Ban Saladan where the long distance ferry and speed boat pier is located. There is a coastal road running the length of the west coast which means that if you rent your own vehicle it’s easy to travel to any of the beaches for a day trip.

Bamboo Beach in Koh Lanta
Bamboo Beach in Koh Lanta

Different beaches will suit different tastes and needs better than others, and which beach is the ‘best one’ rather depends on who you are and what you you are looking for:

  • Klong Dao Beach: Only 2.2 km from Saladan Pier, this is perhaps the most developed beach on Koh Lanta. Great for family holidays.
  • Klong Khong Beach: 9.2 km from Saladan Pier, this beach has a reputation as the island’s ‘hippie’ beach as it attracts a lot of longer stay visitors and has a few bars that stay open late and have a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Kantiang Bay: 19.6 km from Saladan Pier, this 1 km stretch of white sand is near a small town and has several good resorts, including the luxury Pimalai Resort & Spa.
  • Ao Nui Beach: Located 21.6 km from Saladan Pier, there are no resort son this 260 metre long beach, only one bar made from driftwood. The beach is popular with day trippers.
  • Bamboo Beach: At 24.1 km from Saladan Ferry Pier, this one of the most remote beaches on Koh Lanta. The beach has stunning scenery and two resorts where you can stay.

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