Ferry times from Koh Lanta to Koh Lipe

By speed boat the journey from Koh Lanta to Koh Lipe is scheduled to take 3 hours 00 minutes.

Ferry Timetable from Koh Lanta to Koh Lipe

Departure from Koh Lanta

Ferry services to Koh Lipe depart from Saladan Pier in Koh Lanta.

Google Map of Saladan Pier

Arrival in Koh Lipe

From October to May each year when the weather is calmer speed boat services arrive in Koh Lipe at Pattaya Beach. At other times of the year, or if the weather in bad, then the arrival point in Sunrise Beach on the other side of the island.

Google Map of Koh Lipe Pier

About Koh Lipe

Walking Street in Koh Lipe is a 480 metre stretch of narrow concrete road running toward from the centre of Pattaya Beach on the south coast of Koh Lipe north eastward towards Sunrise Beach. Walking Street is the main shopping, eating and drinking area in Koh Lipe and it has the island’s only branch of 7-Eleven with prices which are around double what they are on the Thai mainland for many products.

In the day time Walking Street is a through way between the two busiest parts of Koh Lipe: Pattaya Beach where the ferries and speed boats arrive, and Sunrise Beach which is the island’s most popular swimming and sunbathing beach. Many of the island’s budget hotels are also located on side streets off Walking Street as are most of the tour operators, including scuba diving companies.

Walking Street in Koh Lipe
Walking Street in Koh Lipe

At night Walking Street becomes the social centre of the island. Koh Lipe is more of a family oriented destination than Koh Phi Phi, and it also attracts a lot of Malaysian and Chinese visitors, and the number of restaurants far outweighs the number bars. The most popular restaurants on Walking Street are seafood buffets, although you can also find modern international food, Italian food, Spanish food, Indian food and pretty much every type of food for a wide range of prices.

There are a few bars on Walking Street. The most prominent bar is the Maya Bar which is an upmarket establishment designed to look like a beach bar. For cheaper drinks try the Elephant Bar further up Walking Street.

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