Ferry times from Koh Kradan to Koh Lanta

Several companies operate speed boat services from Koh Kradan to Koh Lanta. By speed boat the sea crossing is scheduled to take between 1 hour 10 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes.

Ferry Timetable from Koh Kradan to Koh Lanta

Koh Kradan - Koh Lanta ฿ 4,002–4,708 3h 20m
  •   Van 9pax
  •   Economy

Departure from Koh Kradan

Ferry services to Koh Lanta depart from the main beach in Koh Kradan.

Google Map of Koh Kradan Beach Pier

Arrival in Koh Lanata

Speed boat services from Koh Kradan arrive in Koh Lanta at Saladan Pier.

Google Map of Saladan Pier

About Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is a very popular tourist destination located to the south of Koh Phi Phi. Koh Lanta is in fact of a cluster of islands, the largest of which (Koh Lanta Yai) is the one where the vast majority of the visitors stay. One of the reasons for the popularity of Koh Lanta is that it is a large island, 30 km long, with 9 major beaches on the west side of the island which means that even in high season it never feels crowded. Another reason for the popularity of Koh Lanta is that it is an interesting island with its own unique culture.

Unlike some of the Thai islands which have beautiful beaches and not much else, Koh Lanta has places well worth exploring on excursions. The main town of Ban Saladan has some great old wooden buildings overlooking the sea near the main pier and a lively night market. On the east side of the island there is an older settlement, known as Koh Lanta Old Town, with more historic wooden buildings. Koh Lanta also has caves and mangrove swamps which will appeal to more adventurous visitors.

Bamboo Bay in Koh Lanta
Bamboo Bay in Koh Lanta

Another major reason for Koh Lanta’s popularity is that it is great value for money. You can find very inexpensive accommodation on the island and the islands attracts a large number of travellers looking to stay for several months near a beach as well as European families looking for value for money mid-range accommodation near a safe swimming beach. Koh Lanta doesn’t attract the huge numbers of people who go to Koh Phi Phi or Koh Lipe, but it gets a lot of return visitors who find the distinctly low key island of Koh Lanta the perfect Thai beach destination.

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