Ferry times from Koh Jum to Langkawi

By speed boat the journey from Koh Jum to Langkawi is scheduled to take 7 hours 15 minutes.

Ferry Timetable from Koh Jum to Langkawi

  • Click on the Koh Jum – Langkawi link in the timetable below for more information and to buy tickets.

Departure from Koh Jum

Speed boat services to Langkawi depart from a pier in Ban Koh Jum in the south of Koh Jum.

Google Map of Koh Jum Pier

Arrival in Langkawi

Speed boat services from Koh Jum to Langkawi terminate at Telaga Harbour Marina.

Google Map of Telaga Harbour Marina

About Langkawi Sky Bridge

The Sky Bridge, located 3.5 km by road to the west of Telaga Harbour Marina, is one of Langkawi’s major tourist attractions. The Sky Bridge is a 125 metre long walkway suspended 100 metres above the ground on the peak of Machinchang mountain. All the components of the bridge had to be brought up to the top of the mountain by large helicopters in order to commence construction.

The walkway is suspended by cables from a single central pylon giving the bridge enough strength to safely hold 200 people at any one time. The curve in the bridge is designed to enhance the views of the people walking on it; unlike a straight bridge where the view in front is of the far end of the bridge, the view directly ahead for people crossing the Langkawi Sky Bridge is scenery below.

Langkawi Sky Bridge
Langkawi Sky Bridge

To access the Langkawi Sky Bridge visitors need to take a 4,400 metres long cable car ride to the top of Machinchang mountain, and then either walk down a path to the start of the elevated walkway or take the Sky Glide which has a cabin similar to cable car gondola which descends 94 metres of steep track. Tickets for each need to be purchased separately:

  • Cable Car: Adult ticket is 55.00 MYR and children’s ticket is 40.00 MYR
  • Sky Glide: Adult ticket is 16.00 MYR and children’s ticket is 11.00 MYR
  • Sky Bridge: Adult ticket is 6.00 MYR and children’s ticket is 4.00 MYR

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