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Train tickets, bus tickets, ferry tickets and flights are all available to book online.

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To find your tickets you need to enter your starting point and destination, use the drop down list to locate a different starting point if you are travelling from somewhere else other than Bangkok. You also need to enter your date of travel into the Search Box.

Ticket Office at a Thai Railway Station
Ticket Office at a Thai Railway Station

Once you have clicked to Find Tickets you will see a range of different travel options for your journey which are available to book online.

Online Tickets Prices

Bus and ferry tickets purchased online are generally the same price or slightly cheaper than tickets purchased at the bus station or ferry port in Thailand. Train ticket purchased online are 250 THB more expensive than train tickets purchased at a train station in Thailand. The additional cost for buying train tickets online covers the cost of the collection service.

Advantages of Buying Tickets Online

Thailand’s public transport network has a limited capacity and the demand for tickets fluctuates throughout the year. At quiet times there is no need to book online in advance as you can simply turn up at the bus station, ferry port or train station and buy a ticket before you travel. During busy times this will not be possible with tickets sold out weeks or even months before the date of travel. The main reason for sharp increases in demand relate to the timing of important public holidays in Thailand. Thailand has a very mobile workforce with a high proportion of the working age population working away from home particularly in Bangkok, at the industrial estates in the east of the country near Pattaya, and at the resort towns in the south of Thailand. During public holidays very large number of Thai people take the opportunity to go home to spend time with their families, and it is during these periods especially when you really need to book your travel tickets well in advance if you want to make a journey within Thailand.

Public Holidays in Thailand

You can expect all forms of transport in Thailand to be particularly busy during these public holiday periods (please note the dates change each year in relation to the lunar cycle as per Thai Buddhist beliefs):

  • New Year: 1st and 2nd January
  • Chinese New Year: Mid February
  • Makha Buddha Day: Early March
  • Thai New Year (Songkran): Several days in the middle of April
  • Labour Day: Friday and Monday near the beginning of May
  • Royal Ploughing Ceremony: Around the 11th May
  • Visaka Buddha Day: Near the end of May
  • Buddhist Lent/King’s Official Birthday: Friday through Monday near the end of July
  • Mother’s Day/Queen’s Official Birthday: Friday and Monday in the middle of August
  • Public Holiday/King Chulongkorn Day: Friday and Monday around the 23rd October
  • Father’s Day: 5th December or following Monday
  • Constitution Day: 10th December or following Monday

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