Bus times from Uttaradit to Bueng Kan

By bus it takes 11 hours 25 minutes to travel from Uttaradit to Bueng Kan.

Bus Timetable from Uttaradit to Bueng Kan

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Uttaradit - Bueng Kan ฿ 753 11h 25m
  •   Express 21:00

Bus Stop in Uttaradit

Bus services to Bueng Kan depart from Uttaradit Bus Station, Tha It, Mueang Uttaradit District, Uttaradit 53000.

Google Map of Uttaradit Bus Station

Arrival in Bueng Kan

Bus services from Uttaradit terminate at Bueng Kan Bus Station.

Google Map of Bueng Kan Bus Station

About Wat Phu Tok

Located 46.7 km by road from Bueng Kan Bus Station, Wat Phu Tok is the best known tourist attraction in Bueng Kan Province and the main reason why most people visit. Wat Phu Tok is a temple of two parts. at ground level are the types buildings you will find in temples throughout Thailand including a shrine hall and an ordination hall.

There are, however, some notable points of interest in this part of the temple first and foremost of which is the chedi dedicated to Ajahn Juan, who founded the temple in 1968. The chedi has an unusual design and is decorated with stone carvings relating to the life of Ajahn Juan. Inside the chedi is a statue of the famous monk and some relics such as fragments of his hair and bones.

Walkway at Wat Phu Tok
Walkway at Wat Phu Tok

The more popular part of the temple is, however, the walkways and shrines built on Phu Tok Hill which is one of two steep sand stone hills rising from an otherwise flat landscape. Phu Tok Hill is 359 metres tall with walkways around it dividing the hill into 7 sections representing the 7 stages to enlightenment in Buddhist theology. Levels 4 to 6 on one side of the hill are very steep and people walking up the rickety wooden walkways clinging to the cliff side requires a good head for heights. The other side of the hill has several interesting shrines within caves.

Wat Phu Tok gets a lot of Thai visitors either in tour groups or travelling in their own cars but few foreign visitors largely because there are no public transport connections to the temple and Bueng Kan Province is a long way from the well trodden tourist routes in Thailand.

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