Bus times from Trat to Tak

By bus it takes 10 hours 30 minutes to travel from Trat to Tak. There are no direct rail or air links between Trat and Tak.

Bus Timetable from Trat to Tak

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Trat - Tak ฿ 866 13h 15m
  •   Express 16:30

Bus Stop in Trat

Bus services to Tak depart from Trat Transport Station, Bang Phra, Mueang Trat District, Trat 23000.

Google Map of Trat Bus Station

Bus Stop in Tak

Bus services from Trat terminate at Tak Bus Terminal, Chiang Ngoen, Mueang Tak District Tak 63000.

Google Map of Tak Bus Terminal

About Tak Town

Tak is a small riverside town in the Northern region of Thailand with a town centre population of a little over 20,000 permanent residents. Not many foreign visitors come to Tak and the town itself has no major tourist attractions although it is somewhere people through on the way to visit the waterfalls, forests and massive Bhumibol Dam in Tak Province.

The town is at its liveliest during the annual Loy Krathong festival when local people float thousands of coconuts shells with candles inside down the Ping River, which is a beautiful sight viewed from the pedestrian only suspension bridge in the centre of town.

King Taksin Shrine in Tak
King Taksin Shrine in Tak

If you do find yourself in Tak for a day or two then we suggest you do the following:

  • Hotel: The Silayok Grand Hotel is good standard hotel in the centre of town which is good value for money.
  • Eat: Across from the Silayok Grand Hotel the biker themed Pirom Station is a relaxed bar which serves great Thai and International food at cheap prices with service by a very friendly Thai motorbike enthusiast.
  • Walk: Stroll along the Ban Chin Alley which is a narrow street with a variety of old Chinese style wooden houses.
  • Visit: The shrine to King Taksin, the first king of the current royal dynasty of Thailand, is well worth visiting. King Taksin was Governor of Tak early on in his public service career.

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