Bus times from Tak to Mae Sot

By bus the journey from Tak to Mae Sot takes around 2 hours.

Bus Timetable from Tak to Mae Sot

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Tak Bus Stop

Bus services from Tak to Mae Sot depart from Tak Bus Terminal, 1-16/17 Phahonyothin Rd, Nam Ruem, Amphoe Mueang Tak, Chang Wat Tak 63000.

Google Map of Tak Bus Terminal

Mae Sot Bus Stop

Bus services from Tak to Mae Sot terminate at Mae Sot Bus Terminal, Tha Sai Luat, Mae Sot District, Tak 63110.

Google Map of Mae Sot Bus Terminal

About Travel to Mae Sot

Located in the far West of Thailand very close to Myanmar, Mae Sot is very much a ‘border town’ with a mix of cultures and ethnicities. A large proportion of the town’s 40,000 permanent residents are of Thai or Chinese descent. Within the town, however, there are also large numbers of people from Myanmar, themselves from a variety of different ethnic groups. And, in the area around Mae Sot there are a further 100,000 to 200,000 refugees living long term in camps.

Following the Myanmar military take over in 2021 Mae Sot has become less busy, particularly in terms of foreign visitors. Before 2021 Mae Sot was the most convenient land crossing from Thailand in terms of travelling to Yangon by road. Mae Sot town centre is less than 4 km from the border with Myanmar, and from there it’s then a short distance to Myawaddy. From Myawaddy there used to be plenty of direct bus services to Yangon departing every day. For the time being we strongly advise against attempting to cross over in Myanmar.

Pha Charoen Waterfall near Mae Sot
Pha Charoen Waterfall near Mae Sot

Mae Sot town itself is pleasant and interesting. The facilities for foreign visitors are very good in Mae Sot, and the town centre has some nightlife. The reason for the unexpectedly good range of facilities for foreign visitors, which are much better than in Tak, is that the town hosts lots of foreign visitors helping out, mostly voluntarily. at the refugee camps nearby. The local markets are interesting as are the Chinese temples. A word of warning thought be careful not to wander around alone late at night as there’s a higher than usual risk of crime in Mae Sot compared to most of the rest of Thailand.

One reason foreign visitors come to Mae Sot is on route to Umphang, which is a trekking and rafting centre. Shared taxis to Umphang depart from Mae Sot, travelling 186 km South by road to Umphang. The drive takes around 4 hours.

The scenery around Mae Sot is also very good, however, you need to rent a bike or hire a taxi in order to see it as the best places to visit are some distance away from Mae Sot town. First and foremost of the beauty spots around Mae Sot, and the one which receives the most visitors, is Phra Charoen Waterfall. Phra Charoen Waterfall is about 40 km by road from Mae Sot. Similar but closer, Tararak Waterfall is 26 km by road from Mae Sot, also heading South, making it easy to visit both Tararak Waterfall and Phra Charoen Waterfall on the same day.

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