Bus times from Tak to Chanthaburi

By bus it takes 11 hours 15 minutes to travel from Tak to Chanthaburi.

Bus Timetable from Tak to Chanthaburi

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Tak - Chanthaburi ฿ 792 11h 15m
  •   Express 19:15

Bus Stop in Tak

Bus services to Chanthaburi depart from Tak Bus Terminal, 1-16/17 Phahonyothin Rd, Nam Ruem, Amphoe Mueang Tak, Chang Wat Tak 63000.

Google Map of Tak Bus Terminal

Arrival in Chanthaburi

Bus services from Tak terminate at Chanthaburi Bus Terminal, Wat Mai, Mueang Chanthaburi District, Chanthaburi 22000.

Google Map of Chanthaburi Bus Terminal

About Farm Poo Nim In Chanthaburi

If you like to eat seafood then a meal at Farm Poo Nim is probably one of the best dining experiences you can have in Thailand. Farm Poo Nim is a fish restaurant located on a river estuary about 30 km by road from Chanthaburi Town. To get to the restaurant you need to wait on quayside for a boat from the restaurant to come and pick you up. Farm Poo Nim is very well known among Thai people (but not among foreign tourists) which means that at lunch time the boat runs about every 10 minutes.

Farm Poo Nim in Chanthaburi
Farm Poo Nim in Chanthaburi

A lot of fish is farmed in the river estuary where the restaurant is located, and much of what is served at restaurant comes from these fish farms. The specialty of Farm Poo Nim is soft shelled crab fried in garlic and pepper. ‘Poo Nim’ is the Thai name for soft shelled crab. All crabs periodically shed their shells as they get bigger and then grow or find new ones. During the time immediately after a crab has shed its shell it is protected by little more than a thin layer, and if the crab is cooked at this time it means the crab absorbs more of any cooking sauces used and there is no need to take off the thin protective layer, you simply eat the crab as is.

As well as soft shelled crab, Farm Poo Nim sells a wide variety of other fish and crustaceans, many of which are indigenous to South East Asia and different to seafood you will find in other parts of the world. The dining area at Farm Poo Nim is on platforms hanging over the river estuary supported by submerged posts. It’s a basic restaurant but the food is absolutely fantastic and its worth making a trip to Chanthaburi solely for the reason of having lunch at Farm Poo Nim.

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