Bus times from Sa Kaeo to Tak

By bus it the journey from Sa Kaeo to Tak is scheduled to take 9 hours 20 minutes to 10 hours depending on where you depart from.

Bus Timetable from Sa Kaeo to Tak

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Bus Stop in Sa Kaeo

Bus services to Tak depart from both the Rong Klua Market near the border crossing to Cambodia and from Sa Kaeo Transport Station, Mueang Sa Kaeo District, Sa Kaeo 27000.

Google Map of Sa Kaeo Transport Station

Arrival in Tak

Bus services from Sa Kaeo terminate at Tak Bus Terminal, 1-16/17 Phahonyothin Rd, Nam Ruem, Mueang Tak District, Tak 63000.

Google Map of Tak Bus Terminal

Ban Chin Alley in Tak

The Ban Chin Alley is a narrow 500 metre long street in the southern part of Tak town centre. The Ban Chin Alley is not a designated tourist attraction, it’s a residential street with a close knit community. What makes the Ban Chin Alley special, however, is the number of historic wooden buildings dating back many dating back to the 19th Century. There are few modern buildings on this street which, albeit with the addition of a modern road surface, looks very much like it would have done over a century ago.

Ban Chin Alley in Tak
Ban Chin Alley in Tak

The Ban Chin Alley was the place where Tak’s immigrant Chinese community settled and many of the people who still live here are descendants of these immigrants. At the time when the buildings on this road where constructed Tak was an important trading port on account of its location on the Ping River which run south from major towns in the North of Thailand such as Chiang Mai.

The Chinese traders who settled in Tak conducted business from shop houses on the Ban Chin Alley, many of which have a design which is traditional in Southern China. The larger houses were occupied by the more influential members of the Chinese community. More work is required to make the Ban Chin Alley into a more accessible tourist attraction as there is little signage explaining the history of the buildings and few of the buildings are permanently open to visitors.

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