Bus times from Phuket to Pattaya

By bus it takes around 16 hours to travel from Phuket to Pattaya. You can also fly from Phuket to Utapao Pattaya Airport, which is near Pattaya City, for 1.5 to 2 times the cost of travelling by bus.

Bus Timetable from Phuket to Pattaya

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Phuket - Pattaya ฿ 13,200–16,900 13h – 15h
  •   Comfort
  •   Van 9pax
  •   Luxury VIP Van
  •   Luxury SUV
  •   Comfort Car

Phuket Bus Station

Bus services to Pattaya depart Phuket Bus Terminal 2.

Google Map of Phuket Bus Terminal 2

Arrival in Pattaya

The final stop for bus services from Phuket is the Pattaya Sawasdee Tour Bus Station, located on Pattaya 3rd Road near the junction with Pattaya North Road.

Google Map of Pattaya Sawasdee Tour Bus Station

About Pattaya City

Pattaya is a major city located to the south east of Bangkok with an urban population of over 1 million people and a reputation for seedy nightlife dating back to the 1960s when American armed forces personnel stationed in South East Asia started coming to Pattaya on holiday.

Pattaya has developed since that time. Pattaya still has lots of go-go bars, especially on its infamous Walking Street, but it also has a lot of hotels and other attractions which appeal to families who go there on holiday in large numbers.

Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya City Centre
Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya City Centre

Part of the appeal of Pattaya is that it is very easy to get there from Bangkok. A taxi to Pattaya direct from Suvarnabhumi International Airport (Bangkok’s main international airport) costs less 1,500 THB and a pre-booked bus from Suvarnabhumi International Airport to Phuket costs around 200 THB. The main nightlife area, which is aimed at men, is located in Pattaya South. Jomiten Beach, Naklua Beach and Pattaya North are quieter areas.

Outside of the very centre of the city, which is the area near to Walking Street and the Central Festival Pattaya Beach, you can find some very good value accommodation, restaurants and bars. Pattaya, if you find the right places, is much cheaper than Bangkok and more relaxed although with all the conveniences you would expect from a large city. A large number of retirees from Europe now live in Pattaya for this reason. Its affordable on a modest Northern European or North American pension.

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