Bus times from Loei to Udon Thani

By bus it takes 2 hours 15 minutes to travel 148 km from Loei to Udon Thani. There is no rail or air link between Loei and Udon Thani.

Bus Timetable from Loei to Udon Thani

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Loei - Udon Thani ฿ 448 3h 15m – 3h 45m
  •   Express 01:00, 01:30, 03:30, 04:00

Bus Stop in Loei

Bus services to Udon Thani depart from Loei Bus Terminal, Kut Pong, Mueang Loei District, Loei 42000.

Google Map of Loei Bus Terminal

Arrival in Udon Thani

Bus services from Loei terminate in front of CentralPlaza in Udon Thani city centre.

Google Map of CentralPlaza bus stop in Udon Thani

About Ban Chiang

Ban Chiang, 50 km to the east of Udon Thani, is the site of some of the most important archaeological finds on South East Asia. The reason that they are so important is that the pottery and metal tools discovered, dating back to around around 1,500 BC, are evidence of much earlier settled agrarian communities than were previously believed to exist.

Ancient pottery found at Ban Chiang
Ancient pottery found at Ban Chiang
Ban Chiang National Museum

The main visitor attraction at Ban Chiang is the Ban Chiang National Museum which features displays of a large range of the artefacts discovered in and around the village of Ban Chiang, as well as displays recreating village life more than 3,000 years ago and displays about the dig sites which uncovered these artefacts and the archaeologists involved in that work.

Local Transport to Ban Chiang

The cheap way to get to Ban Chiang is to take any bus from Udon Thani heading eastwards on the main highway towards Sakon Nakhon. For Ban Chiang alight from the bus at the village of Nong Mek, which is on the main Undon Thani to Sakon Nakhon highway, and from there take a tuk-tuk for the 7 km journey to village of Ban Chiang which is where the National Museum is located. Tuk-tuks wait near the traffic lights on the main highway by the turning to Nong Mek village.

The journey from Nong Mek to Ban Chaing in a tuk-tuk will cost around  100 THB one-way although we recommend paying a little bit extra and getting the driver to wait to take you back on the return journey to the highway to get the bus back to Udon Thani.

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