Bus times from Koh Tao to Khao Sok

The fastest way to travel from Koh Tao to Khao Sok National Park is to take a joint ferry and bus or ferry and minivan service.

Bus Timetable from Koh Tao to Khao Sok

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Koh Tao - Khao Sok ฿ 1,250–1,450 5h 30m – 12h 15m
  •   Speedboat + Van 07:00
  •   Sleeper Boat 21:00
  •   Ferry 21:00

Departure from Koh Tao

The journey from Koh Tao to Khao Sok National Park starts with a ferry journey departing from Mae Haad Pier in Koh Tao.

Google Map of Mae Haad Pier

Arrival in Khao Sok

Joint ferry and minivan services from Koh Tao to Khao Sok National Park terminate at Khao Sok van station near the turning to the entrance to Khao Sok National Park.

Google Map of Khao Sok van station

About Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park covers an area of 739 square kilometres and is one of the most popular national parks in Thailand for both local and foreign tourists. The major feature of the park is the massive Cheow Lan Lake which covers an area of 165 square kilometres.

Cheow Lan is a man made lake created by construction of the Ratchaprapha Dam in 1982. The lake has a healthy population of fish and other creatures such as large amphibious centipedes, and provides visitors with a way to travel around the park other than walking.

Khao Sok National Park also has a mountain range with peaks rising to 950 metres above sea level. The combination of a large lake, flat lands and mountains is home to a very wide range of plants, trees, birds, insects, animals and reptiles. There are many species which visitors have the chance to encounter, even tigers, although they are very seldom spotted.

Cheow Lan Lake in Khao Sok National Park
Cheow Lan Lake in Khao Sok National Park

There are two access points to the Khao Sok National Park. Joint bus and ferry services from Koh Tao terminate at the Western entrance to the park which is close to the National Park Headquarters. A small town with restaurants and hotels has developed near the Western entrance and offers more comfortable accommodation than the basic land based bungalows and floating bungalows inside the park itself.

The Western entrance is some distance away from the lake, but an ideal starting point for going trekking inside the park. The Eastern entrance to the park is Ratchaprapha Pier on Cheow Lan Lake. Boat tours around Cheow Lan Lake depart from Ratchaprapha Pier and this is the route you need to take to reach the floating bungalows resorts on the lake.

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