Bus times from Koh Lipe to Hat Yai

By joint speed boat and bus service the journey from Koh Lipe to Hat Yai is scheduled to take around 4 hours.

Bus Timetable from Koh Lipe to Hat Yai

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Koh Lipe - Hat Yai ฿ 650–1,116 3h 30m – 4h 30m
  •   Speedboat 09:30, 11:30, 13:30
  •   High Speed Ferry 09:30, 11:30, 13:30
Koh Lipe - Hat Yai ฿ 650–700 4h 30m
  •   VIP 09:00, 11:00, 13:00

Departure from Koh Lipe

Joint speed boat bus services to Hat Yai depart from Pattaya Beach during the high season.

Google Map of Pattaya Beach

Arrival in Hat Yai

Joint speed boat and bus transfer from Koh Lipe to Hat Yai terminate at a variety of locations such as Hat Yai Airport, Hat Yai Bus Station and Hat Yai Railway Station.

Google Map of Hat Yai Railway Station

About travel to Hat Yai

With around 160,000 residents in the city centre, and over 800,000 in the wider metropolitan area, Hat Yai is the largest city in the South of Thailand. In terms of tourism, Hat Yai mostly attracts Asian tourists, particularly from Malaysia and Singapore. Western tourists tend only to visit on their way to somewhere else. Hat Yai is a major transport hub for travel between both Malaysia and the lower west coast of Thailand, including Koh Lipe, and destinations further north in Thailand. Hat Yai has a major airport, busy railway station and a large bus station. From Hat Yai you can travel direct to most destinations in Thailand and wide range of international destinations across Asia. You could travel direct from Koh Lipe to Bangkok, but in fact you are better off financially and in terms of choice travelling to Hat Yai first and then taking a bus, plane or train from there to Bangkok.

Joint speed boat and bus services to Hat Yai depart from Pattaya Beach
Joint speed boat and bus services to Hat Yai depart from Pattaya Beach

If you do need or want to spend the night in Hat Yai then the liveliest part of the town to stay in is in the area near the main railway station. This area has lots of hotels and restaurants, as well as a few Western style bars. The main tourist street in Hat Yai City, the Saneha Nusorn Road, is in this area. The Saneha Nusorn has several shopping malls, including one with a branch of McDonalds, lots of fish restaurants, and the Pink Lady Entertainment complex which offers messages and other services mostly to foreign men.

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