Bus times from Chonburi to Tak

By public bus it takes 6 hours 40 minutes to travel 488 km from Chonburi to Tak. There are no rail or air connections between Chonburi and Tak.

Bus Timetable from Chonburi to Tak

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Chonburi - Tak ฿ 580–629 7h 15m – 8h 15m
  •   Express 21:30, 22:15, 22:30

Departure from Chonburi

Bus services to Tak depart from Chonburi Bus Terminal, Nong Mai Daeng, Chon Buri District, Chon Buri 20000, Thailand.

Google Map of Chonburi Bus Terminal

Arrival in Tak

Bus services from Chonburi to Tak arrive at Tak Bus Terminal.

Google Map of Tak Bus Terminal

About Travel to Tak

Tak is a small town with around 20,000 permanent residents. The town has a few good hotels and a small number of points of interest for tourists, and as a consequence receives relatively few foreign visitors.

Places to Visit in Tak Town

The town’s principal places of interest are:

  • Ban Chin Alley: This is a 500 metre long alleyway barely wide enough to drive a car down. What is interesting about this side street is the collection of old wooden houses, many of which are 100 or more years old. The small community which lives in this part of town is largely comprised of the descendants of Chinese immigrants who came to the town when it was a thriving trading centre for goods being transported from the Northern region of Thailand down the nearby Ping River to the more populous Central Region, on route to Bangkok.
  • Taksin Maharat Shrine: Before he became King of Thonburi, Taksin was Governor of Tak. Tak’s town centre shrine to King Taksin includes some detailed and well executed paintings retelling the stories of his victories over the then regional superpower, Myanmar. King Taksin is a national folk hero and the shrine attracts a lot of Thai visitors.
  • Rattanakosin 200 Year Anniversary Bridge: This 450 metres long long suspension bridge is located in the town centre, It was constructed in 1982 to mark 200 years since the founding of Bangkok as the capital city of Thailand.
Rattanakosin 200 Year Anniversary Bridge in Tak
Rattanakosin 200 Year Anniversary Bridge in Tak
Tourist Attractions in Tak Province

Tak is also an excellent base for visitors to the natural wonders of Tak Province, which are much more interesting than the town itself:

  • Taksin Maharat National Park: Located 34.6 km to the west of Tak Bus Terminal, this 149 square kilometre national park is famous for its 3 large waterfalls, 700 year old tree and natural stone bridge across a fast flowing stream.
  • Bhumibol Dam: Located 62.8 km to the north of Tak Bus Terminal, the 154 metre high Bhumibal Dam is the tallest in Thailand. The reservoir behind the dam covers an area of approximately 300 square kilometres.
  • Thi Lo Su Waterfall: Located 281 km by road to the south of Tak Bus Terminal, the 250 metre high Thi Lo Su waterfall is the highest and widest waterfall in Thailand.

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