Bus times from Chiang Rai to Nakhon Sawan

By bus the journey from Chiang Rai to Nakhon Sawan is scheduled to take 9 hours 10 minutes.

Bus Timetable from Chiang Rai to Nakhon Sawan

Chiang Rai - Nakhon Sawan ฿ 7,700–11,990 7h 30m
  •   Economy
  •   SUV 4pax
  •   Van 10pax

Bus Stop in Chiang Rai

Bus services to Nakhon Sawan depart from Chiang Rai Bus Terminal 2, Phahonyothin Rd, San Sai, Mueang Chiang Rai District, Chiang Rai 57000.

Google Map of Chiang Rai Bus Terminal 2

Arrival in Nakhon Sawan

The final stop for bus services from Chiang Rai to Nakhon Sawan is Nakhon Sawan Bus Station, 605/90-91, Ek Maharat Road, Tambon Nakhon Sawan Tok, Amphoe Mueang Nakhon Sawan, Nakhon Sawan, 60000.

Google Map of Nakhon Sawan Bus Station

Wat Khiriwong in Nakhon Sawan

Wat Khiriwong is a temple in Nakhon Sawan which features a distinctive golden pagoda on a hill top which is visible from the city centre.

Phra Chulamanee Chedi

The golden pagoda is called the Phra Chulamanee Chedi. The Phra Chulamanee Chedi took 37 years to build (1981 to 2018) as the speed of the construction was dependent on the speed at which donations to fund the construction were received.

Visiting the pagoda is free although visitors do need to ascend a steep hill via a 1.5 km stretch of road leading up from the lower part of the temple, which is close to the city centre.

Wat Khiriwong in Nakhon Sawan
Wat Khiriwong in Nakhon Sawan
Inside the Phra Chulamanee Chedi

The Phra Chulamanee Chedi has three levels. On top of the top level is a tall central chedi surrounded by 8 smaller chedis arranged symmetrically on top of the 2nd level and at ground level. Visitors can enter all three levels of the pagoda. On the 2nd level is an outside area with panoramic views of Nakhon Sawan city centre and the surrounding area.

The pagoda sits on the highest point in the area which is why the views are so good. The 3rd level contains a smaller room which holds a number of Buddha statues and a smaller chedi, inside which holy relics are believed to be enshrined.

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