Bus Times from Bueng Kan to Phitsanulok

The journey by bus from Bueng Kan to Phitsanulok is scheduled to take 10 hours 15 minutes.

Bus Timetable from Bueng Kan to Phitsanulok

Bueng Kan - Phitsanulok ฿ 666 11h 15m
  •   Express 15:00

Bus Stop in Bueng Kan

Bus services to Phitsanulok depart from Bueng Khan Bus Station, 212 Amphoe Mueang Bueng Kan, Chang Wat Bueng Kan 38000.

Google Map of Bueng Kan Bus Station

Arrival in Phitsanulok

Bus services from Bueng Kan arrive in Phitsanulok at Phitsanulok Bus Terminal 2, Samo Khae, Mueang Phitsanulok District, Phitsanulok 65000.

Google Map of Phitsanulok Bus Terminal 2

About Phitsanulok

Phitsanulok is a large town with a long history dating to its establishment as an outpost of the Khmer Empire in the 11th Century. Phitsanulok later became the capital of the Sukhothai Kingdom in the 13th Century and was the birth place of the famous King Naresuan. Unfortunately, much of the old city (made of wood) burnt down in 1957 and what was rebuilt was largely unattractive low rise concrete buildings.

Not so many foreign tourists visit Phitsanulok and as a consequence there are few hotels and restaurants which focus on catering for them. Quite a few foreign tourists, however, pass through Phitsanulok on the way or from the nearby town of Sukhothai. Phitsanulok is located on the Northern Railway Line, and serves as the connection point between Thailand’s railway network and the Sukothai Historical Park.

Reconstruction of the Chan Palace in Phitsanulok
Reconstruction of the Chan Palace in Phitsanulok

If you do stop in Phitsanulok there are two main tourist attractions to visit:

  • Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat: Major Buddhist temple founded in 1357. The temple is large and has several important Buddha statues, including the Phra Phuttha Chinnarat statue which is widely considered the most beautiful Buddha statue in Thailand. A large number of Thai visitors come to this temple specifically to pray to the Phra Phuttha Chinnarat statue.
  • Wat Wihan Thong and the Chan Palace: Reconstructed royal palace and the ruins of ad adjacent temple constructed in the 15th Century. The palace is well known as was the birth place of King Naresuan, who is a legendary figure in Thailand’s history and the subject of many books and films.

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