Bus times from Bangkok to Sakon Nakhon

By public bus it takes just over 11 hours to travel 638 km from Bangkok to Sakon Nakhon. You can also fly from Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok to Sakon Nakhon Airport with low cost airline Thai AirAsia.

Bus Timetable from Bangkok to Sakon Nakhon

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Bangkok - Sakon Nakhon ฿ 582–963 9h 15m – 16h 53m
  •   VIP 24 18:30
  •   VIP 18:30
  •   Express 07:30, 17:30, 18:00, 18:30, 19:00, 19:30, 20:30
  •   First Class 19:00, 19:15
  •   Gold Class 09:15, 09:30, 18:00, 18:15, 18:20, 18:35, 19:30, 19:45, 20:00, 20:30, 20:45, 21:00, 21:15, 22:00, 22:15

Bus Station in Bangkok

Bus services to Sakon Nakhon depart from Bangkok’s Northern Bus Terminal at 798 Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, Khwaeng Chatuchak, Khet Chatuchak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10900, Thailand.

Google Map of Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal

Arrival in Sakhon Nakhon

Bus services from Bangkok terminate at Sakon Nakhon Bus Terminal 2, That Na Weng, Mueang Sakon Nakhon District, Sakon Nakhon 47000.

Google Map of Sakon Nakhon Bus Terminal 2

About Sakon Nakhon

Sakon Nakhon is the capital city of Sakon Nakhon Province with a population of around 75,000 people. The city is located on the edge of Nong Han Lake, which is the largest lake in the north east region of Thailand. Nong Han Lake is a major attraction with many, mainly Thai, visitors coming to the city to view the floating pink flowers which appear every year between December and March. Boat trips are popular and there are some islands, including one with a temple on it, which you can visit.

Bangkok to Sakhon Nakhon bus
Bangkok to Sakhon Nakhon bus

Sakon Nakhon’s history can be traced back 3,000 years and the city has some important temples, most notably of which is Phra That Choeng Chum. The biggest event in the city is the annual ‘Wax Castle Parade’ which takes place in October each year at the end of the Buddhist equivalent of lent. During this festival local people create large and elaborate models of temples and palaces out of wax, which are paraded through the city on the back of pick up trucks and flat bed trucks.

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