Bus times from Bangkok to Battambang

By bus it takes 8 hours to travel 373 km from Bangkok to Battambang in Cambodia. You can also travel by train to Battambang by taking a train to Aranyaprathet, then crossing over the border by road to the Cambodia town of Poipet and from there taking another train to Battambang.

Bus Timetable from Bangkok to Battambang

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Bangkok - Battambang ฿ 1,000 9h 30m
  •   Bus + Taxi 07:30
Bangkok - Battambang ฿ 1,300 7h 30m
  •   Van 10pax 09:30
Bangkok - Battambang ฿ 5,345–11,125 6h 30m – 9h
  •   Luxury VIP Van 9pax
  •   Comfort Car 3pax
  •   Luxury SUV 4pax
  •   SUV 4pax
  •   Minivan 7pax
Suvarnabhumi Airport - Battambang ฿ 6,900–8,900 6h 30m
  •   Luxury VIP Van
  •   Luxury SUV
  •   Comfort Car
Don Mueang Airport - Battambang ฿ 6,900–8,900 6h 30m
  •   Luxury VIP Van
  •   Luxury SUV
  •   Comfort Car

Where to get the Bus in Bangkok

Bus services to Battambang depart from Khao San Travel Mart, 51 ซอย โรงไหม Chao Fa Rd, Chana Songkhram, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200.

Google Map of Khao San Travel Mart

Arrival in Battambang

Bus services from Bangkok terminate at Battambang Travel Mart near the Phnom Penh Bakery in Battambang town.

Google Map of Battambang Travel Mart

About Battambang

Battambang is a medium sized town in Western Cambodia with a relaxed atmosphere, reasonably priced hotels and restaurants, and some interesting things to visit in the town and surrounding area. Battambang has a growing tourist trade and good facilities for tourists with the English language spoken at many of the restaurants and hotels in the town centre.

Governor's Residence in Battambang
Governor’s Residence in Battambang

In Battambang town centre the Central Market, the Governor’s Residence and Sanke Pagoda are all worth visiting. A wander around the town centre, and along the river, is also interesting because of the charming European style architecture left behind from the period when Battambang was a French colony, and also because of the Thai architecture which is a remnant from the period before French colonial rule when Battambang was controlled by Siam. Out of town the major attractions in the area are Wat Ek Phnom, which is a very Khmer era temple, Wat Baydamram, which a is temple with thousands of fruit bats, and Phnom Sampeu, which is hill full of caves. Some of the caves at Phnom Sampeu were used by the Khmer Rouge to execute people, and other caves have Buddhist statues inside.

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